Sunday, August 15, 2010

Shallow like a rain puddle

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Yes, yes I am shallow, I have always kinda known, but it had never quite dawned on me until today. In a close inspection of my latest love targets, i asked myself why did I like prospect number 13 ( the number has been invented to protect the identity of the holder :P!) and while it was a very easy question, my own brain raised the bar by adding, IF HE IS NOT REALLY HANDSOME... and so i had a sudden ephiphany in which i realised most of my last prospects werent cute at all... (most, but not all :O...!) and there it lay the proof of my shallowness( if that word even exists..) I asked again, had they been wearing regular ugly clothes, wouldve you even looked at them?
NO, the answer was NO, i wouldnt even had considered them slightly attractive...! I had been judging and loving men because of the way they dressed... which in anybodys opinion, was totally foolish since most well dressed men dont like women... ( hence my very constant affliction of liking gay men)
It was weird and also comforting to find that out. It was comforting because now that I know, well I can actually find out more about him, than just the amount of pants in his closet, or if he wears bow ties...
I have read several times, that nicely dressed girls often have a positive impact on their boyfriends, either by blackmail, persuassion, advice or osmosis, most men would adapt to his woman's wardrobe choices.... It is quite cool to realize it, cuz it has opened my posibilities on finding new "friends".!

Yeah but im still shallow like a rain puddle.. hopefully just as shallow as a rain puddle after ALEX